President notion

Dear  new and old customers and friends from all walks of social life : Welcome to Siqi Technology Co. LTD . First of all, thank you for long term's support and love to Siqi company! Siqi company develops electric business as its target. For a long time, we adhere to strict, scientific, efficient and high quality production principle and also the unceasing  innovation, development, then  producing high efficiency and energy saving, reliable, convenient,beautiful and stable  electrical products. We walked all the way with thorns and bumpy, but more with the successful happiness and joy.Today's Siqi achievements are all from Siqi peoples' hard work. Yesterday's pay, we will never regret; Today's achievements, we have reason to feel proud. In order to create brilliant future, we will make our much more  effort. Siqi wishes to unite as one and fight for every inch of progress with the friends from  all walks of life,the old and new customers from home and abroad.With the spirit of pioneering and innovation , to make great effort  for strengthening  the competitive power  and creating a new image of Siqi enterprise!