HYCQ5P-63 Automatic Transfer Switching
  • Product Overview

Innovative structure

Modular Design
◆  The overall structure is compact, moreaesthetically pleasing.
◆  With integration feature,it can be installed much more easier.
◆  Increase or decrease function flexibly


Double insulated
◆  Shell using flame retardant insulated material
◆  Fully enclosed design, safer operation



Improved performance

Isolated function

◆Lock and break (off) position
  Reliable machinery atresia
  Impulse withstand voltage
  Under 1.05 Ue, current leakage is less than 2 m A


Lock and break position

   When repairing products or replacing equipments,or under other emergent conditions,HYCQ5P-63 can be locked in off position.


Fast conversion

  Minimum conversion time :1.2~1.5 seconds
  More suitable for important load



Convenient wiring

Lines get in in main circuit

  The primary circuit get the wires in the left and right side, which is in accordance with the traditional habits of wiring.
 Main circuit adopt direct pressure way to wire,which is more convenient.


Connected load

  Load can be directly connected to outlet end.
      Reduce installation space, and the whole set is more beautiful.
  Users have no need to do extra wiring, saving installation costs.


Secondary connection

  Power supply circuit signal sampling line internal connected
  Second l ine adopted plug t ype terminal, which is much more simple and reliable.



Standard and selection

meet the following standard

  IEC 60947-1
  IEC 60947-2
  IEC 60947-6-1
  GB14048.1 general rules
  GB14048.2 circuit breaker
  GB10448.11 automatic transfer switch


Ambient temperature

  -25℃~70℃ Operat ing Ambient Temperature Range
     When the temperature is above 40℃(motor protection is higher than 65℃) the drop capacity should be considered.
  work under normal environment in long term work under - 25 ~ 35or more bad environment


Resistance to hot and humid measures

HYCQ5PA-63 Switch have passed following the strict stipulated conditions test
  dry cold climate(-25C)
  dry cold climate(+70C)
  when it is in 45C,it can be used in environment of 95% relative humidity
  when it is in 55C,it can be used in environment of 80% relative humidity


Protection and Category

  Protection grade: IP20
  Utilization Category: AC-33B



EMC electromagnetic compatibility

  Automatic transfer switch can be resisted
  Electrostatic discharge (IEC 61000-4-2) level 2
  Electromagnetic compatibility Radiated, radio- frequency field immunity
      (IEC 61000-4-3) level 3
  Electrical fast transient burst (IEC 61000-4-4) level 3 Wave shock (IEC 
      61000-4-4) level 2
Radio frequency electromagnetic field conducting immunity
     (IEC 61000-4-2) level 2
  Radiation classes(CISPR11)         B class




Model meaning and its classification

Controller type :
A terminal type (only has the function of under pressure lose phase protection )
B basic type (phase failure, loss of pressure, overpressure, under voltage and generator start function)
Rated operational current :
Electrical category: CB - have the function of short circuit and overload
Operation mode: R-auto-switch-in, auto-restoring
                                S-auto-switch-in, without auto-restoring
                                I-standby for each other



Size and connection

HYCQ5P-63series outline


Functional feature

Performance parameters

Attention:(*)Rated working voltage:1、2、4、6、10、16、20、25、32、40、50、63
                  ■ Standard configuration - without this feature