GLOQ1B-T Automatic Transfer Switching
  • Product Overview



GLOQ1B-T type product is a new generation of PC switches adopting coil instant operation. Compared with the traditional switch which adopts motor drive for conversion,it has the advantages of simple structure, fast conversion speed (time<80ms) and so on.In addition, the main contact system is a SPDT (V-type) structure, which will not connect with two powers at the same time even in the emergent situation.




Application conditions

◆  Ambient air temperature
◇  The upper limit shall be not more than +55℃.
◇  The lower limit shall be not less than -25℃.
◇  The maximum daily mean temperature shall be not more than +35℃ and the relative humidity shall be nor more than 90%.
◇  The user shall negotiate with the manufacturer if the ambient air temperature is more than +55℃ or less than -25℃.
◆  The altitude of the installation place shall be not more than 2,000m.
◆  The pollution level of the installation place shall be III.
◆  The installation classification shall be III.
◆  The use classification of the main loop is AC-33B (6le) and the electric motor has mixed load.
◆  Installation conditions:
      The switch body can be vertically or horizontally arranged and the installation gradient shall be not more than ±22.5°. The controller is panel installation.
◆  Flashover distance:The flashover distance is 80mm when AC voltage is 400V and 100mm when AC voltage is 690V




Application range

The rated insulation voltage of the product is 690V, the rated frequency is 50/60Hz,the rated voltage is 400VAC and the rated current is 160A-400A. The product is mainly used for the conversion of emergency power supply system between two powers so as to ensure the important load (for example, firefighting load) can continuously and reliably operate. Mainly used for the nationally specified first-grade current, the product is applicable to the occasions requiring continuous normal power supply such as highrise building, post and firefighting, coalmine and shipping, chemical metallurgy, industrial production line, medical sanitation, military facilities, etc.




Technical parameters




Internal wiring diagram

◆  When A-power supplies power, auxiliary contacts a1 and a2/a3 and a4 are closed and b1 and b2/b3 and b4 are opened;
◆  When B-power supplies power, auxiliary contacts a1 and a2/a3 and a4 are opened and b1 and b2/b3 and b4 are closed;
◆  The user can control other equipment according to the needs.




Overall & installation dimensions

   1. wiring terminal
   2. name plate
   3. debugging handle socket
   4. load bus
   5. standby power bus
   6. arc-extinguisher
   7. main and standby power closing indication
   8. base
   9. main power bus
   10. debugging handle (detachable)





Application wiring diagram