HYCQ5-63M/G/H Automatic Transfer Switching
  • Product Overview

Model and meaning



Normal working conditions

  Ambient temperature: -5~+40℃, and average temperature in 24 hours below +35℃(except for special orders).
  Elevation of installation site: 2000m
  Relative humidity: not exceeding 50% at the maximum ambient temperature of +40℃.
  With lower temperature, higher humidity would be permitted, but the lowest average temperature in a month not exceeding 90% in
      that month, andgiving consideration tothe dews on the goods surface, which would appear due to temperature change.
  Pollution protection: 3 grade
   The breaker should be put in the place where there isn't any explosive medium and conductive dust and no gas, which would
      corrode metal or destroytheinsulation.



Structure and properties

      HYCQ5 is a critical component of any emergency or standby power system. When thenormal (preferred) source of power is lost, a transfer switch quickly and safely shifts the load circuit from the normal source of power to the emergency (alternate) source of power. This permits critical loads to continue running with minimal or no outage. After the normal source of power has been restored, the re-transfer process returns the load circuit to the normal power source.

1) The setting is formed with two sets power-operated operation mechanism circuit breakers and mechanical interlocking, fuse, wiring
2) Two-set circuit breakers have electric interlocking and mechanical interlocking double protections to prevent the two-set circuit
     breaker close on at the sametime.
3) The setting suits for 220V working voltage (circuit breaker rated working voltage), control the power pass the case, frame board
     control pushbutton (user self-prepared and connect to) direct control two sets power operated operation mechanism to carry
     out the power reliable switch over.
4) Suitable for general manual work control occasion, simple structure, low cost.



Overall & installation dimensions



Terminal wiring diagram